INTEGRATED AUTOMATION LABORATORY The INTERGRATED AUTOMATION LABORATORY set up with the help of Rockwell Automation Ltd. Is to be inaugurated by the CEO and Chairman, Rockwell Automation Ltd, Mr. Keith Nosbusch .The inauguration function is been arranged in the ground floor seminar hall of the Instrumentation & Control Department.


“ICESA” has proven to be instrumental in sharpening management skills & personality development. The activities under ICESA are for the student, by the student & of the student


The Matlab is a Technical event organized by the Instrumentation & Control students every year in Mindspark. 


This is the annual magazine of the Department published by the department in the month of February 2009


The INCON ‘04 was held in the month of November in the year ‘04.This was an International Conference on Recent trends and Developments in the field of  Instrumentation & Control.