Basic Instrumentation Laboratory

 IE 206



Teaching Scheme


Examination Scheme

Practical : 2 hrs/week


Pract./Oral Exam: 50 Marks



Term Work: 50 marks


List of Experiments

1.      Study of multimeter, design, implementation and verification of multi-range ammeter and voltmeter.

2.      Design, implementation and calibration of various ohmmeters.

3.      Measurement of power by various methods.

4.      Study, design and implementation of Wheatstone bridge.

5.      Measurement of reactive elements using AC Bridges.

6.      Measurement of phase by various methods.

7.      Extension of Range of Ammeter and Voltmeter.

8.      Study of different types of Recorders.

9.      Testing of various components such as resistors, inductors, and capacitors.