Basic Instrumentation

                  IE 203 BASIC  INSTRUMENTATION     

Teaching Scheme


Examination Scheme

Lectures : 3 hrs/week


Mid-Sem – 30, Assignments, Quiz -20



End-Sem Exam- 50.


Unit 1             



Measurement of Resistance:

Introduction, resistance and resistors, resistor types, colour coding of resistor, Measurement of resistance: voltmeter-ammeter method, ohmmeter, DC Bridges: Whetstone bridge-design, arrangement of ratio arms, bridge sensitivity, errors in bridge circuits, null type and deflection type, current and voltage sensitivity bridges, Null, Sensitivity and Calibration adjustments of whetstones bridge, Kelvin bridge and current balance bridge, Various application of DC bridges, miliohmeter, megaohmmeter



Unit 2




Measurement of Inductance:

Introduction, inductance and inductors, inductor structure, transformers and their types, impedence, Measurement of inductance using ac voltmeter, Maxwell’s bridge, , Various applications of Maxwell Bridges, complex impedence measurement: vector impedence meter, Q measurement


Unit 3 




Measurement of capacitance:

Introduction, capacitance and capacitors, dielectrics, stray capacitance, capacitive reactance, capacitor types, colour coding of capacitors, Capacitance Bridges:, Hay’s bridge, Schering bridge, storage and dissipation factors maseurement


Unit 4 




Measuring instruments:

PMMC and D’ Arsenovel instruments, Galvanometer, ammeter, voltmeter,  calibration of meters.


Unit 5 




Measurement of energy and power:

Power in ac circuits and dc circuits, Single phase and polyphase Wattmeters, Electrical energy measurement




Unit 6 





Rectilinear recording, ink jet, ink pen, thermal, galvanometric recording, paperless, oscillographic, y-t, x-t, single and multi-channel recorders, driving systems for pen and chart, chart speed and their applications


Text Books:

·         Electrical and Electronics measurements and Instrumentation by A. K. sawhney, Danpat Rai and Sons.

·         Electronic Instrumentation Techniques by Cooper and Helfrick, PHI



Reference Books:

·         Electronic Instruments and Measurement by Jones and Chins

·         Network Theory by A Sudhakar and S. S. Palli, TMH