Analog Techniques

 IE 202



Teaching Scheme


Examination Scheme

Lectures : 3 hrs/week


Mid-Sem – 30, Assignments, Quiz -20



End-Sem Exam- 50.


Unit 1             





Transistor biasing , h parameter model and two port model applied to BJT, Analysis of common emitter, common collector and common base configurations, voltage and current gain, input and output impedance; comparison of properties. Class A, B and AB amplifiers, Power amplifiers, Servo amplifiers, voltage amplifier, Applications of Amplifiers.



Unit 2





Operational Amplifiers

Op-Amp parameters, frequency response, effect of
temperature on Op-Amp parameters, differential versus single input amplifiers, instrumentation amplifier, bridge amplifier , adding versatility to the bridge amplifier, differentiator integrator, Miller, Voltage controlled oscillators, PLL and its applications.
Signal conditioning circuits for temperature transmitter using OP amps


Unit 3





Signal generator and filters

Multivibrator, triangle wave generator, sawtooth wave generator, precision square wave generator, sine wave generator, Bootstrap Sweep generator, basic low pass filters, low pass and high pass Butterworth filters, band pass, band reject filters , applications of filters


Unit 4 




Power Devices and applications

SCR, Triac, DIAC, UJT, MOSFET, IGBT - Characteristics and principal of operation, Switching Characteristics, triggering requirement, protections, applications


Unit 5 





Line and load regulation, characteristics of regulators, ac ripple voltage, voltage multipliers, three terminal regulators, current boosters, protection circuits for regulators




Unit 6 




Power Converters

Single phase AC-DC converters: working principles, performance parameters, control of ac-dc converters. DC-DC converters: control of dc-dc converter, different types, working principles and analysis, applications


Text Books

·         Microelectronics- Millman

·         Op-Amp and linear integrated circuit theory -Ramakant A Gaykwad


Reference Books:

·         Operational amplifier -Clayton

·         Electronic Principles (4th Edition) -Malvino A.P. (McGraw Hill)

·         Power Electronics -Rashid

·         Power Electronics (3rd Edition) -Ned Mohan.