Institutional Elective

IE 222 Engineering Instrumentation**


Teaching Scheme                                                                                           Examination Scheme

Lectures: 3 hrs/week                                                                                        Quizzes/Assignments–20 marks

                                                                                                                        Mid Sem Test – 30 marks

                                                                       End Sem Exam - 50 marks

**- Institute level Elective offered by Instrumentation and Control Department for other departments


Unit 1

 Basic characteristics of measuring devices:  Introduction to measurement process, accuracy, precision, error, linearity, hysterisis, threshold, repeatability, calibration process, static & dynamic characteristics of instruments.                                                 

Definition: Transducer, Sensor, Calibration, Range and Span.

Classification: Active, passive, primary, secondary, mechanical, electronic, analog and digital transducers.                                                                                                   (6 hrs)

Unit 2

Transducers I    (Working principles, types, signal conditioning, and applications).

Selection criteria, sources of errors in transducers and their analysis.

Displacement, Velocity, acceleration, Force, and Torque                                  (6 hrs)                                                      

 Unit 3

 Transducers  II– (Working principles, types, signal conditioning, and applications).

Pressure, Level. Flow, Temperature transducers.                                       (6 hrs)

Unit 4

 Control System: Basics of Control systems, concept of pole, zero, stability, frequency, and time domain, Introduction to design process, Industrial applications of feed forward and feedback control system. Classification of control systems, modeling in frequency domain (mechanical, electrical, electromechanical systems).                                      (6 hrs)                                             





Unit 5

 Electronic Test Equipment: Digital meters, DMM (Digital multi-meter), Digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), probes, signal generators, Typical specification & front-panel controls of DMM, DSO , & function generat                                            (6 hrs)



Unit 6

Automation: Fundamentals of Automation, Overview of tools used in Automation, Programmable Logic controllers (PLC) & their applications, concept of intelligent instruments, future trends in Automation.                                              (6 hrs)                                                                                                                                                                                      

Text Books:

  1. Instrumentation – Devices and Systems by C S Ragan, G R Sarma and V S V Mani, TMH Publications
  2. Electronic Instruments and instrumentation Technology by M.M.S. Anand., Prentice- Hall of India.
  3. Measurement Systems - E.O. Doebelin (4th Edition).
  4. Instrumentation and Measurement Principles – D.V.S. Murthi


Reference Books:

1.      Alan S. Morris; Principle of Measurement &Instrumentation (2/e ) , PHI

2.      Electronic Instrumentation by H.S. Kalsi – TMH. 

3.      Process Measurement & analysis - B.G. Liptak (Vol-I)