Human Psychology

 AS 201



Teaching Scheme


Examination Scheme

Lectures : 2 hrs/week


Mid-Sem – 30, Assignments, Quiz -20



End-Sem Exam- 50.


Unit 1             



Understanding human experience and behavior – definition, history, schools. Methods like experimental , observation, survey, introspective. Branches and applications of Psychology. Individual differences – types, nature. Factors affecting individual differences like- heredity, environment. Fields of individual differences – intelligence, aptitudes, interest, achievement.


Unit 2             



Personality - definition, approaches and factors affecting personality. Personality assessment. Stress management- definition, REBT (rational emotive behavioral therapy by Albert Ellis.). Relaxation techniques. Adjustment and mental health.


Unit 3             




Learning - Effective learning methods. Memory techniques. Motivation- nature, types, motivating people at work, self-motivation. Group behavior – attitudes, group dynamics, leadership, conflict resolution.


Text Books

·          Introduction to Psychology( VIIIth Ed.) by Morgan C T, King R A , Weiss J P & Schopler J, McGraw Hill, New York

·          Social Psychology by Asch S E, OUP Oxford.

·          Elementary Psychology by J Sinha, New Central Book Agency, Calcutta.

·          Invitation to Psychology by E G Parameshwaran, C Bina, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.

·          Understanding human behaviour by Norman and Mann.