M.Tech- II Project (2007 - 08)

  Specialization: Process Instrumentation    
     M. Tech-II: Year: 2007-08    
Sr No Name Dissertation Title Name of Guide Sponsored by
M0629P01 Asgif Bagawan Hardware Implementation of Real Time ANN Controller Dr. S. D. Agashe In-house
M0629P02 Nitin Nigudase Design of conductivity probe Mrs. S. S. Agashe NCL
M0629P03 Krunal Bawasar VLSI Implementation of FIR Filter D. N. Sonawane In-House
M0629P04 Richa Agarwal Face detection and recognition using Neural Network C. Y. Patil In-house
Hrishikesh Kamathe Iris Recognition using Image Processing U. M. Chaskar In-House
M0629P07 Nilesh Pendse Gas Monitoring System D. N. Sonawane Honeywell
M0629P08 Anil Kadu Wireless Data Acquisition D. N. Sonawane Tata Motors
M0629P09 Sudhakar Dhapare Open Channel Flow Analysis D. N. Sonawane Bright Star, Pune
M0629P10 Lalit Alhat C. Y. Patil In-house
M0629P11 Grishma Gawande Condition monitoring of control valve using vibration analysis Dr. S. D. Agashe In-house
M0629P15 Sunil Patil   C. Y. Patil In-house
M0629P16 Yashawanta Adhav Designing of Moisture Sensor for baggas C. Y. Patil In-house
  Specialization: Biomedical  Instrumentation      
Sr No Name Dissertation Title Name of Guide  
M0629B01 Sagar Birkar Study of condition monitoring of control valve bu acoustic approach Mrs. S. S. Agashe In-house
M0629B03 Anand Phadke Quality Analysis of Indian Honey using Gas Sensor. Mrs. R. P. Mudhalwadkar In-house
M0629B04 Pulkit Joshi PC Controlled Brailler U. M. Chaskar In-house
M0629B05 Indrajit Suryavanshi Analysis of key performance indices for controller settings S. D. Panditrao In-house
M0629B06 Shashikant Kumbhare Design and Implementation of Data Logger system using SD Card. U. M. Cahskar In-house
M0629B10 Akhilesh Chandalkar Performance based optimization for controller. S. D. Panditrao In-house
M0629B11 Pravin Vetal Web-based data acquistion using Zig-bee protocol Dr. S. D. Agashe In-house
M0629B15 Meera Jorkar Design and Development of Multipurpose Level Cpntrol Loop Dr. S. D. Agashe In-house