Integrated Automation Laboratory

Integrated Automation Laboratory, supported by Rockwell Automation a global leader in technology, offering the most competitive and comprehensive product in the automation industry has contributed towards the development of automation lab with the state- of the-art facilities and technological advancements in the field of automation.

Integrated Architecture is a multi-disciplinary control & information platform, based on open industry standards that are designed to service a broad range of applications, with a focus on scale-ability, ease- of-use and lowest cost of ownership. The system is interfaced with live processes such as boiler, heat exchanger, ESDV etc thus creating an industrial atmosphere by designing and commissioning industry grade panels and simulators.

Integrated Automation Laboratory is equipped with
1. Controllogix
3. Control net
4. Device net
5. Panel view,
6. Flex I/O,
7. direct field I/O cards,
8. along with required software bundle comprising of all Rockwell software logix,
9. Provision is also made for plant wide information systems comprising of production management, performance and visibility. Commissioning of entire setup is completed and all the major features are tested successfully.

Laboratory Incharge : Prof. S. D. Agashe