Medical Imaging Techniques

IE 5210 Medical Image

Basics physics of imaging systems, fundamental of image processing, Information content of an image, Theory and applications of optical, thermography, ultrasonic, radiography and computer tomography, single photon emission computer tomography, positron emission tomography, nuclear and magnetic resonant imaging.

Reference Books

1. Digital Image Processing By Rafael G. Gonzaleg, Kichard E. Wood (Pearson Education) 2. Christensen窶冱 physics of Diagnostic Radiology By Thomas S. Curry, Jumer E. Dowdey, Robert C. Murry

3. Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation Vol. I , II, III, IV by John G. Webster, Wiely Publication

4. Biomedical Signal Analysis 窶・A Case Study Approach By Rangaray M. Rangayyan, (John Wiley and Sons Inc)