Ultrasonic Applications in Bioengineering

IE 5209 Ultrasonic Application in Bioengineering

Teaching scheme Examination Scheme

Lectures: 3 hrs/week Mid-Sem. Tests (I&II) 窶・40 marks

End- Sem. Exam 窶・60 marks

Piezoelectric ceramics : properties and applications, piezoelectric constants, depolarization : electrical, mechanical, thermal, Time of flight (transit time) measurement, testing of piezo crystal, bonding techniques.

Transducers : dynamic behavior, power transducers, driver circuits, pulse generator circuit, piezo generator, piezo sensors, actuator.

Sonography and quantitative measurements, therapeutic applications of mechanical effects of ultrasound

Reference Books

1. Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation Vol. I , II, III, IV by John G. Webster, Wiely Publication

2. Biomedical transducers and instruments by Togawa T. Tamura T. Oberg P. A., CRC Press

3. Christensen窶冱 physics of Diagnostic Radiology By Thomas S. Curry, Jumer E. Dowdey, Robert C. Murry

4. Biomedical instruments: Theory and design, 2nd ed. Welkowitz W., Deutsch S., Akay M.