The abbreviation ICESA stands for Instrumentation & Control Engineer Student Association. Going by the name it is evident that ICESA is truly a student association. ICESA for over past decade has done an instrumental job of churning good managers as all the activities are regulated by students. Thanks to ICESA that Instrumentation students not only excel in academics but also in extra curricular activities. The calendar kicks off with ICESA inauguration of ICESA during month of August.
ICESA undertakes numerous activities during a calendar as :

1. Instru Vision (Magazine) : All the works with regards to magazine from sponsorship to printing is managed by students. It is a Departmental magazine issued every year nurturing the zeal of students in Literature & proniding a platform for each student to come up with their creative writing varying from poems to prose in Marathi, Hindi, English & technical sections.

2. Freshers & Farewell parties : Parties to welcome the newly admitted students & wishing good luck to new Alumni's are totally organized by students.